2020 CFSEI Virtual Expo – In-Plane and Drift Design of Cold-Formed Steel Curtain Wall Systems and Other Non-Structural Components

Continuing Education Credits Available – 1.5 PDH Credits

Accommodating lateral building drift for wind and earthquake forces for nonstructural components, like exterior or interior cladding, can be difficult. For exterior envelopes, careful planning is required to ensure compatibility with the primary structure and adjacent framing conditions as well with architectural joint locations. This presentation will review ASCE 7 as it relates to seismic design for nonstructural components, review common drift methods for exterior cladding used in construction, and look at potential expected damage during an earthquake. It will also cover the results from two different full-scale in-plane cyclic tests causing racking forces on a slip only bypass framed wall.

Presenter: Clifton Melcher, P.E., S.E.,
Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc.

Clifton Melcher, P.E., S.E. is Senior Product Manager for Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc., where he is responsible for managing the development and promotion of Simpson Strong-Tie cold-formed steel products and related software. Prior to joining Simpson Strong-Tie, he was the engineering branch manager for a large cold-formed steel manufacturer. He is a registered Civil and Structural Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the cold-formed steel industry. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Iowa State University.

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