Webinar on Cold-Formed Steel Curtain Wall Design

Continuing Education Credits Available – 1.5 PDH Credits

Curtain walls with various types of cladding are commonly used for many modern structures and are often framed with cold-formed steel. Curtain walls are typically attached to the main building frame and therefore must be designed to accommodate deflections of the structural frame and also designed to transfer wind and seismic forces to the structure. This webinar will cover many of the topics a designer will need for a complete cold-formed steel curtain wall design. The information presented will be based upon AISI S100, North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, AISI S211, North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing – Wall Stud Design and various CFSEI Technical Notes. Some specific topics covered will include stud design, top track design, design of openings, bridging and various additional miscellaneous topics. Example calculations will also be provided covering studs, top track, connections and openings.

Sutton Stephens

Sutton Stephens, P.E., S.E., Ph.D.

Sutton Stephens, P.E., S.E., Ph.D. has experience in the structural engineering field and in education. He has worked for consulting engineering firms in Washington and Montana and taught structural engineering courses at Kansas State University in the Architectural Engineering Department. In addition to the design of cold-formed steel structures, he has authored or co-authored a number of research papers covering various topics in cold-formed steel. He has served in the AISI Committee on Framing Standards (COFS) and chaired the Prescriptive Methods sub-committee. He also served on the CFSEI Executive Committee for two terms.

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