Tech Note F701-23: Evaluation of Screw Strength


This Tech Note Updates and Replaces Tech Note J100-11

Summary: The design provisions for screw connections contained in the AISI S100, North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members contains specific limit states equations that pertain to the design strength of the connecting elements, i.e., sheets. In addition to sheet related design limit states, AISI S100 also provides design provisions for the screw when subjected to either pure shear or pure tension. However, the screw design provisions require that the screw capacity be defined by tests. In the absence of test data, the design engineer is at a loss for evaluating the strength of the screw. This Tech Note provides design guidance for the evaluation of the screw when subjected to pure shear, pure tension and combined shear and tension.

Disclaimer: Designs cited herein are not intended to preclude the use of other materials, assemblies, structures or designs when these other designs demonstrate equivalent performance for the intended use. CFSEI documents are not intended to exclude the use and implementation of any other design or construction technique.