Tech Note G103-11a: Tabulated Local And Distortional Elastic Buckling Solutions For Standard Shapes


Summary: This note provides elastic buckling moments and forces for local and distortional buckling of typical standard sections such as those in the AISI S201 Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing—Product Data and the Steel Stud Manufacturers Association  (SSMA) Product Technical Information Catalog. These tabulated values allow designers to quickly examine and evaluate the use of the direct strength method (DSM) for design. Note that basic information on DSM is discussed in CFSEI Technical Note G102.

Disclaimer: Designs cited herein are not intended to preclude the use of other materials, assemblies, structures or designs when these other designs demonstrate equivalent performance for the intended use. CFSEI documents are not intended to exclude the use and implementation of any other design or construction technique.


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