Tech Note S100-24: Antiterrorism Design Requirements for Cold-Formed Steel Framing


This Tech Note Updates and Replaces Tech Note S100-24

Summary: Understanding and implementing antiterrorism requirements into cold-formed steel framing (CFS) design can be a daunting task for a design engineer. In recent years, the DoD Unified Facilities Criteria program has developed documents to help walk a designer through the process; however, considerable confusion still exists. CFS can be used throughout the building as exterior and/or interior walls, as well as floor and roof systems. However, the focus of this technical note is blast protection of building envelopes, specifically exterior walls. The applicability of UFC 4-010-01 to the design of the building envelope is discussed, and the static and dynamic design approaches for exterior walls are presented and worked out in a design example.

Disclaimer: Designs cited herein are not intended to preclude the use of other materials, assemblies, structures or designs when these other designs demonstrate equivalent performance for the intended use. CFSEI documents are not intended to exclude the use and implementation of any other design or construction technique.


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