Tech Note W100-23: Single Slip Track Design


This Tech Note Updates and Replaces Tech Note W100-08a

Summary: The AISI S240, North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Structural Framing provides a design methodology for wall framing members installed in a deflection track at a head-of-wall condition. There had been previous methods for this analysis; most notably that permitted by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Technical Letter 1110-3-439, and the SSMA Technical Notes on Single- and Double- Slip Track Design. This document covers the most common types of slip track connections, how to handle general and specific issues with slip track construction and design, provides a design example, as well as tabulated information on allowable slip track loads.

Disclaimer: Designs cited herein are not intended to preclude the use of other materials, assemblies, structures or designs when these other designs demonstrate equivalent performance for the intended use. CFSEI documents are not intended to exclude the use and implementation of any other design or construction technique.

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