Tech Note W601-23: Design Methodology for Hole Reinforcement of Cold-Formed Steel Compression Members


Summary: Cold-formed steel compression members, e.g., wall studs, are sometimes damaged inadvertently by other construction trades. An all-too-common damage is the cutting of large holes in either the flange or web elements of the cross section. In situations where the cross section of the cold-formed steel member has been compromised by the cutting of holes, the member must either be replaced or reinforced. This Tech Note discusses methodologies for engineering a reinforcement solution for a field cut hole in either the flange or the web element. The Tech Note presents a reinforcing concept to achieve the desired required strength of the section.

Disclaimer: Designs cited herein are not intended to preclude the use of other materials, assemblies, structures or designs when these other designs demonstrate equivalent performance for the intended use. CFSEI documents are not intended to exclude the use and implementation of any other design or construction technique.


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