Webinar on Current Topics in Cold-Formed Steel Framing


Continuing Education Credits Available – 1.5 PDH Credits

While there are a variety of popular topics in cold-formed steel (CFS) engineering, in this CFSEI webinar Zane Clark, P.E., S.E., and Josh Garton, P.E., S.E., of McClure will focus on two important areas.

First, Clark and Garton will discuss powder actuated fasteners in seismic applications. Since CFS connection systems need to resist seismic forces in seismic zones, the presenters will discuss current challenges and limitations of using PAFs and alternative options.

Second, Clark and Garton will discuss the use of non-bearing walls as shear walls. While other framing materials can be used to construct shear walls, non-bearing CFS-framed assemblies provide some shear strength to resist lateral loads. The presenters will discuss the limitations and special detailing requirements of such CFS systems.

The presenters will also allow time to discuss other CFS considerations currently popular within the engineer community.

Zane Clark

Zane Clark, P.E., S.E., McClure

Zane Clark, P.E., S.E., is the Structural Technical Lead for McClure, where he has been designing cold-formed steel (CFS) structures since 2015. Through his time at McClure, Clark has gained specialized expertise in the design of mid-rise, load-bearing CFS buildings. Clark’s current role involves providing quality control and code compliance reviews of design documents produced by McClure’s structural team as well as promoting technical education and training for the engineering staff. He is active with the ASCE/SEI Committee on Cold-Formed Steel Members, which is producing a design guide for CFS structures. His contribution is on the design of CFS lateral force-resisting systems.

Josh Garton

Josh Garton, P.E., S.E., McClure

Josh Garton, P.E., S.E., is Project Manager and Team Leader for McClure’s Enclosures and Interiors structural services team. McClure has 14 offices in 5 states, practicing in 49 states. Garton has over 9 years of experience designing cold-formed steel systems throughout the country. He has a background specifically in non-bearing exterior framing, interior framing and ceiling systems, complex curved structural cold-formed steel, panelized and modular construction, high seismic applications, and cladding design.

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